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Monday, March 13, 2006

Men, Women and Abortion Rights

Apropos of nothing...way back when in college, some source that I had reason to trust (don't remember who exactly) claimed that men actually supported abortion rights in slightly greater percentages than women. This didn't seem possible.
But something reminded me of that this morning and I decided to check it out. I found this:
2003 CBS news poll

Abortion should be...
Generally available
Men: 40%
Women: 37%

Not permitted
Men: 20%
Women: 24%

2005 Pew Report
% of Men who believe abortion should be "Generally Available" or "Generally Available but with more limitations" than present now: 58
% of Women: 56

% of Men who believe abortion should be illegal except for rape/incest/to save the life of the mother (weird that these are lumped together) or never permitted: 40
% of Women: 42

Now, there's no particular relevance to the merits of the debate here, but I was pretty surprised that the numbers were close, let alone that women were slightly more in favor of rolling back the clock.
(Also interesting - 31% of white catholics thought abortion should be generally available, versus only 11% who thought it should never be permitted).


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