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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Can We Stop Pretending Yet?

US anti-abortion movement sees victory near

"WASHINGTON (AFP) - Thirty-three years after a Supreme Court decision gave women the right to abortions, anti-abortion activists expressed "new hope" that they would soon be able to outlaw the practice.

Wearing religious vestments and wielding shocking pictures of blood-covered fetuses, tens of thousands of anti-abortion activists rallied in the US capital Monday, encouraged by
President George W. Bush's nomination of two judges with conservative credentials to the Supreme Court.

. . .

Leaders of the protest expressed confidence that the changes in the makeup of the court, expected to turn it decisively to the right, will lead to a ban on abortion.

"Roe's days are numbered," said Stephen Peroutka, president of the National Pro-Life Action Center, an anti-abortion group. "Time is on our side."

So what do these demonstrators know that our distinguished Senators, like Arlen Specter, don't? The several pro-choice Republicans were apparently satisfied that Sam Alito was not a guaranteed vote to overturn Roe, that he would approach the issue with an "open mind," and gave more than lip service to stare decisis. Are the demonstrators all just wishful thinkers?

Or could it be the case that they are simply celebrating the obvious, which everyone already knows, except for a few disingenuous politicians and pundits? To Specter and the few other pro-choice Republicans: STOP LYING. We know Alito will vote to overturn Roe given the chance. The "pro-lifers" know it and are shouting it happily from the rooftops. Everyone in the flippin' country knows it. And you know it too. Nobody's buying the willfull ignorance act. When you vote to confirm Alito, explain why you're doing it despite your "pro-choice" stance, instead of playing dumb.

We're sick of hearing "NOBODY could have predicted...." from D.C.