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Friday, January 06, 2006

As Surely As The Sun Rising....

Well, we all knew it was just a matter of time....

The Abramoff "unpleasantness" was really who's fault? House Republicans? Ambramoff himself? Tom DeLay? No, foolish liberals. It was of course BILL CLINTON'S FAULT. Just like the "war" in Iraq, obesity, teenage fellatio, and all those movies that are just re-makes of campy 70s television shows.

Warning to those prone to the vapors, wingnuttiness to be quoted, if you're too delicate to follow the link:
Kudos to Michelle Malkin for being among the first to see the potential for mischief in a little-noticed (at the time) ruling by the Clinton-era FEC. It seems that the august commissioners ruled in 2000 that while Indian tribes were "persons" subject to individual limits on contributions to candidates, parties, and political action committees, they were not "individuals" subject to the $25,000 limit on the annual total of contributions.

Yes, the wingers are sourcing 2001 Michelle Malkin wisdom to dump the GOP corruption into Clinton's abundant lap.


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