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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Movie blogging

Slow news day, apparently. So, movie blogging.

The Skeleton Key.
aka "The Movie Where You Can't See Shit."
As horror movies go, it wasn't bad. Almost good, in fact. The fact that it had Gena Rowlands almost makes it automatically good, not to mention being a gothic set in the Bayou. The overuse of some hackneyed horror conventions was a real kick in the stones, however - particularly the tight close-ups that turn into cheap shock gags when it turns out the character is standing right next to something that you couldn't see, and is supposed to scare you. Usually a cat. At least they didn't use that one... And the fact that the entire film is practically pitch black gets tiresome.

Still, the ending didn't pull any punches, which is damn close to a miracle these days. Of course, now that the Bayou has been flattened, watching the movie is more than a little morbid.....


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