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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More trips into Wingnuttia

WARNING: This post contains links to sites that may cause your eyeballs to melt.

The last few weeks I've taken to regularly visiting wingnut sites...probably just out of masochism, but I tell myself it's to stay on top of what the other side of the street is talking about.I swear on the baby jebus, we inhabit totally different universes. It's gospel truth that the old media hate the administration and hate Israel. And they're simply tickled pink that the left is not happy about the wiretapping. There is no doubt in their minds it was all entirely legal and constitutional, that it is a valiant effort to keep America safe, and the more Democrats squawk about it, the better it will be for W.

Of course, on the sites that actually allow dissent without immediately deleting and banning it, it's treated about as dismissively as trolls at left-wing blogs, regardless of whether any substantive points are made.It's just...mind-boggling. And I can't decide if that's because I'm brainwashed from living inside a left-wing echo chamber, if -they're- brainwashed from living inside a wingnutty echo chamber, or some combination of the two. Sadly, it's probably the latter.

Odd, still, that they sometimes get it right. On Redstate, for example, they didn't like the proposed law to deny citizenship to children of illegal immigrants, on the grounds that it obviously contradicted the Constitutional amendment on point. Seeing an issue like that, where they don't try to spin the facts and the law to fit a desirable outcome, is odd, when it's being done on every other issue around it...

Wingnuttia is a bizarre place. But it is disconcerting not to know whose echo chamber is warping whose good sense and objectivity the most.


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