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Sunday, January 01, 2006

What doth the new year hold....

2006 predictions:

DeLay acquitted in laundering trial.
DeLay indicted by feds wrt Abramoff.
Rove indicted by Fitz's grand jury.
Congress holds wiretap hearings.
Wiretap hearings end up going nowhere; GOP + Liberman decide legality is "iffy," impeachment would be extreme.
W approval ratings languish around 40.
Democrats pick up House and Senate seats, but don't take majority in either house.
Time names Blog of the Year.
Nothing much changes in Iraq; sectarian violence continues but US troop presence staves off inevitable all-out civil war.
Some sharks bite some guys.
Some white women go missing for a few days.
A nasty hurricane hits Florida. Local Democratic city comptroller blamed for inadequate response.
Massachusetts does not fall into ocean or go up in flames.
Limbaugh charged by FL prosecutor.
Santorum booted out on ass by Casey.
Paul Hackett loses senate race 51-49.
Deficit around $350 billion.
Katherine Harris drops out of senate race; poses for Playboy.
Tony Blair forced out of office by overseas torture scandals.
Playboy goes bankrupt.
John Gibson and O'Reilly say a bunch of stupid shit, nobody pays attention to them, until they gin up the War on Xmas again, the day after Thanksgiving.


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