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Friday, January 13, 2006

You Cannot Defeat My Flying Malkin-Style

Via Eschaton, John Lombard noticed that some of Michelle Malkin's writing seems to look curiously like ABC News reporting. Only with the actul facts plagiarized, and surrounded with, well...lies. So as to help make her point.

This is a bold new frontier in truthiness blogging, and I want in on the ground floor, so I'm going to try my hand at it. Can you spot the truthiness?

Craven opportunist President Bush, who never met a cynical, counter-productive photo-op that he didn't like, traveled to a still-ravaged Gulf Coast Thursday after having neglected the region for three months (since playing Xbox and drinking whiskey is much less of a downer), promising that a building boom is on its way, just as soon as all the contracts are handed out to cronies.

Emperor Bush's visit to New Orleans and Mississippi was part of a series of events to showcase his priorities leading up to the State of the Union address. Of course, the event was entirely in keeping with the familiar Rovian strategy of taking a glaring weakness and brazenly trumpeting it as an asset. He paid some lip-service to the notion he was committed to rebuilding communities devastated from Hurricane Katrina. Mostly those communities without the brown folks, though.

"People in far away places like Washington, D.C., still hear you and care about you," Bush condescendingly smirked at survivors gathered at St. Stanislaus College, just a couple of blocks from where Katrina blew ashore.

Bush's travelling photo-op to the college took him down a coastal road past thousands of snapped trees, debris still hanging from limbs and lots emptied of their buildings. There were almost no intact structures -- in most cases only concrete foundations were left -- and little evidence of rebuilding.

"There's no homes to repair," offered Bush, managing to get basic grammar wrong yet again, while stating the painfully obvious. "It's just been flattened. That's what the people of America have got to understand." It is not clear whether he was referring to the Bill of Rights, or the economy.

Have YOU caught Truthiness Fever?


  • Word!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:32 PM  

  • Truth is good. I like the truth.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:36 PM  

  • ...on the other hand, when speaking of the Emperor, the truth HURTS, and that really sucks!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:42 PM  

  • Truthiness is fun, simple and free

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:40 PM  

  • "Truthiness is fun, simple and free"

    Much more so than actual truth. Who among us does not love truthiness?

    By Blogger Nim, at 8:19 AM  

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