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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Deadeye Dick

OK, so by now we have been treated to three straight days of jokes revolving around the Vice President having shot an old man in the face. I assume that this was basically an accident. A serious accident, but an accident nonetheless. Not an actual scandal involving official misconduct...we already have plenty of those to go around, so take your pick.

The Vice President shooting a hunting buddy in the face is weird and great fodder for the late-night talk shows (unless the guy doesn't somehow recover), but that's about all it is.

HOWEVER, the part of this story that does tick me off is the administration's knee-jerk insistence on blaming the victim. If nothing else, for the sake of gun safety in general, Cheney should have just come out and said, "See, people, this is why we have to take gun safety seriously; I made a mistake and a good friend got hurt. I want him and his family to know I feel terrible about it and wish him the best. Remember, hunters: don't pull the trigger unless you're sure a person isn't in front of the barrel."

How do you lose politically saying that? Hell, I'd even give him a little grudging respect.

Instead, we're treated to the administration downplaying the whole thing ("this was just a pellet gun"), blaming the victim, and generally looking like they're trying to hide something. It's 7 year olds handling their public relations. And it's typical of the White House mentality - We're infallible. If something bad happens, it's someone else's fault. Stop asking questions. You don't need to know that.

Even when they probably don't have anything to gain from dodging and weaving, they do it anyway.


  • This is the spent-headed world we live in, sorry to say.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:43 PM  

  • who hoo hue due

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:19 PM  

  • We now know that Cheney was drunk as a skunk when he shot Whittington. Secret Service agents confiscated the victim's blood tests from both hospitals at which he was treated--so there will be no official evidence of the elderly attorney's blood alcohol level, either. As to witnesses, one Secret Service agent who was present during the drinking, er, hunting party was put on administrative leave, and a second supposedly asked to be reassigned; on top of that, a written report of what went on by a Secret Service agent was destroyed (not the only evidence that may have been destroyed...where's the victim's hunting vest to show the shot pattern, eh?). Doctors who treated the victim were intimidated by the Secret Service, who made it extremely clear that the docs should not breathe a word of what had gone on, ever--they do have to keep their mouth shut because of medical privacy laws, but not even an orderly will dare to contact National Enquirer until on his deathbed after getting the Secret Service treatment, you bet. All in all, a pretty thorough coverup. The Swiss ambassador who could have been expected to be a witness skedaddled, and Katherine Anderson and other Texas folks of high net worth, and their hired hands, de facto including local law officials, aren't talking, either, except among themselves.

    Cheney shot a man while drunk (either reference applies), and that's a crime in Texas. Also, he may have been shooting after sunset, which is also against the law in Texas. The deputy who came out to the ranch that evening to do his duty and find out the facts was obstructed in his duty. Cheney is not the only wealthy and powerful dude to get away with covering up his lawbreaking, but that still does not make the deed done or the coverup right.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:55 PM  

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