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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

...but it's not about racism.

Trudging through some wingnut blogs as I am wont to do, to keep tabs on what the other side is thinking - and, to be fair, to occasionally find a fact or two worth knowing - I came across this post on King County, Washington's resolution to "rename" itself to King County...just in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. They're also redoing the county logo.

At the time of this post, there were only 8 responses to this article, but take a guess as to how many were clucks of disapproval at this relatively benign action. Tough pop quiz, right?

Of course, the commenters were tripping over themselves to point out that it wasn't about anything as pedestrian as racism. Perish the thought. It was concern over the efficient use of government resources! Because, as we all know, the GOP these days is all about penny-pinching. Anyway, some of the other concerns included: the King family might charge the county for use of the likeness; and MLK didn't have as much "standing" and "relevance" as other notables the county could have honored.

And how concerned are the Freepers about the frivolous use of taxpayer dollars when used to honor someone a little more ideologically (and ethnically) correct? Not so much.

But's not about racism.


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