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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More CT-Sen

A few other thoughts on Connecticut, while the caffeine goes to work:

- Now that the D.C. Democrats seem to be dutifully lining up to support Ned Lamont, it will be interesting to see whether the interest groups like NARAL do the same....or whether they are more interested in the incumbency protection racket, than furthering their stated goals.

- Obviously there will be a huge amount of pressure on Joe to drop his destructive "independent Democrat" bid, but there will probably be even more pressure to stay in the race from a certain lobbyist who shares Joe's bedroom, and has a very vested career and financial interest in being married to a Senator.

- Remember when a 2-point win was a "mandate"....? What does that make a 4-point win?

- I hope Joe is ready for more egg on his face when the investigation into his website "hacking" goes absolutely nowhere. And, most likely, just shows that if they had bought a better hosting plan, their site would have been up on election day.


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