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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The New Fall Fashion Line.

All the fasionable Democratic candidates this fall will be wearing the latest bracelet from the "Some Guy With a Blog" line of accessories, "WWSD?"

A designer with a conscience, some guy with a blog wants to help the candidates retain their political moorings by carrying with them a constant reminder to ask, "What Would Shrum Do?" Bob Shrum is the uber-strategist who manages to attach himself, lamprey-like, to every Democratic candidate in a significant election, and lose all of them. Shrum's hobbies include watering down the candidate's messages, generally defanging them, having them imitate moderate Republicans, and collecting large fees. By wearing a reminder on their wrist to ask themselves, "What -would- Bob Shrum do?" successful candidates can easily keep their political compass, and their jobs, by immediately doing the exact opposite thing.

And if anyone wants to help make some of these things for real, I'd actually send them out.


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