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Saturday, July 15, 2006

More on You-Know-What

Who among us does not love writing and reading about Connecticut 24 hours a day, every day?

Unfortunately, it seems that there are only two stories making the rounds today: the beginning of Armageddon in the middle east, and Vladimir Putin laughing in W's face, after W told him that Russia should be more like Iraq. I'm not qualified to say anything intelligent about the former, and the latter speaks for itself.

So, let's all just enjoy more of the slow-motion train wreck in Connecticut, courtesy of the NY Times. Joe continues to blame his constituents for his electoral vulnerability, rather than himself. Meanwhile, John McCain thinks it's sad that conservatives can't stump for Joe, without making him even less popular among Democrats...

Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona and one of Mr. Lieberman’s closest friends in the Senate, called him “one of the most decent men I have ever known” and simply shook his head when asked about his friend’s situation. “I hesitate to say anything nice about him, for fear that it would be used against him,” Mr. McCain said. “And that’s a terrible commentary on the state of politics and the political climate today.” . . .

Mr. Lieberman was scheduled to attend a Puerto Rican festival in Bridgeport last Sunday, but his campaign canceled his appearance upon hearing a report of a stabbing there that afternoon. The festival went on, drawing over a thousand people (including a Lamont supporter holding a “Kiss this, Senator Lieberman” sign). It was Mr. Lieberman’s only scheduled campaign appearance on one of the few Sundays left before the primary. Mr. Lieberman said he made an impromptu trip to an Italian neighborhood in Bridgeport instead, after Italy’s soccer team won the World Cup.

And then the piece closes with another back-hand to the non-Irish voters of Connecticut:

“Irish-Americans have been great supporters of mine,” Mr. Lieberman said in remarks to the small crowd, between prelunch sips of Guinness. He seemed, at the moment, every bit in his ethnic political element — a backslapping, blog-free retail setting characteristic of the Democratic Party he grew up in.

“The Irish tend not to be fair-weather friends,” Mr. Lieberman said. “They’re with you all the way.”

That's right, Joe. The voters are betraying you, and not vice versa. They owe you loyalty, you know...just because. Lieberman either has the worst tin ear or the worst advisors in the country today, because there isn't much more he could be doing to hand the primary to Ned Lamont, complete with silver platter.


  • You'd probably like the official Connecticut For Lieberman blog!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:25 PM  

  • I hope he's counting the Jews among those fair-weather friends, so I can hold my head up high.

    By Blogger Eli, at 8:00 PM  

  • "I hope he's counting the Jews among those fair-weather friends, so I can hold my head up high."

    "Fair-weather friends" = everyone who isn't an Irish Democrat or a Republican. So, yeah, you're in the clear.

    By Blogger Nim, at 11:09 PM  

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